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April without showers – Lindum turns to renewable energy to keep the turf green

At our turf nurseries in the Vale of York we have only had 8.5mm of rain since 25th February – that is 9 dry weeks at a time when we expect grass to be growing fast, and newly sown seeds to be germinating rapidly. 

Only with irrigation can any of this happen and we are fortunate to have an aquifer with plentiful supplies deep in the sandstone below our sandy fields.  This is an expensive exercise however, requiring a lot of electricity to power the submersible pumps. 

Our thoughts have been recently turning to renewable energy and whether we can harness the wind which dries out our crops and blows sand throughout the parish if we leave it unprotected.

We are applying to erect one wind turbine to help us contain this escalation of energy costs and as part of the proccess held a public consultation meeting in the local village hall to explain our intentions to our neighbours. 

Whilst most people are in favour of renewable energy, not many want to gaze out onto a turbine, which is why we have taken care to site it where very few will see it.  An interesting evening!