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Lawn care tips to get your lawn turf ready for spring

Get your lawn ready for spring with tips from Lindum TurfAt last we have emerged from 10 days under snow and turf lifting has commenced again.  It looks in good condition but this is because we prepare it for long periods of winter stress.  A strong healthy grass going into the winter should mean a good looking grass going into the spring.  Lush growth from excess nitrogen application in the autumn opens the grass plant up to fungal disease attack which can result in white snow mould patches.

It is too early to be applying spring fertilisers  but within the next 2-3 weeks, if temperatures start to increase, a light application can be made which should help sorry looking grass to recover.

Waterlogged soils will hinder early grass growth and encourage moss, so spike when possible as grass responds really well to air in the root zone.

A light trim with the mower set high on a day when the lawn is dry will improve the look and start to encourage spring growth.