Save the bees!

Bees are now in serious decline in many parts of the world. Some countries have seen bee colonies decline by as much as 50% in recent years. Since 2010 the loss of the commercial honeybee in the UK has dropped by 45%. The news isn’t all bad. There are numerous ways we can all help [...]

Our turf is not the only thing that is green!

Lindum produces consistently high quality turf and innovative grass products for the landscaping, sporting and civil engineering industries. Lindum's specialist landscaping products include Lindum Wildflower turf to create a ready established wildflower area, fibre reinforced Lokturf for areas of heavy foot traffic and emergency vehicle access routes and Grassfelt for slope stabilisation. Lindum also produce [...]

It’s official! Mowing the lawn is the best activity to keep you fit!

A survey of 2000 people found UK gardeners spend an average of 35 minutes a week cutting the grass and burning 600 calories a month in the process. According to CalorieLab, a calorie calculator, cutting the grass was revealed to be the top fat-busting garden activity, burning 5.7 calories per metre. So as the obesity [...]

Why choose Lindum Wildflower turf?

Wildflowers are notoriously difficult to establish when grown from seed, or even as small plug plants, in an existing lawn, meadow or green roof. They are often out-competed by aggressive grasses. Lindum Wildflower turf provides the instant solution. Lindum Wildflower turf is a mixture of wildflowers and flowering perennials growing in a strong moisture retentive [...]