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Case Studies

Arundel Square, Islington

Arundel Square-Turf-webThe park within Arundel Square in the London Borough of Islington is a serene half hectare of green space surrounded on three sides by Victorian town houses and, on the fourth, a five storey modern apartment block.     What is not obvious from the appearance is that a third of the park is a green roof beneath which lies 108 metres of railway cutting, housing the North London over-ground line from Richmond to Stratford and, beneath that, the final section of the Euro Tunnel link into St. Pancras.  

Lindum Turf  in collaboration with Barenburg  played a key role in this ground breaking project  in developing a special turf mixture called ‘Arundel Square Mixture’, to meet the demands of the green roof structure and remain aesthetically attractive in areas of shade.  

The species used in the mixture combined drought, shade and wear tolerance and good recovery properties with a fine leaved appearance and a high shoot density.   Over the course of the project, Lindum grew approximately 6000 square metres of their ‘Arundel Square Mixture’ as a bespoke turf product.   This mixture was so successful it is now available as LT Shade.