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Case Studies

Bovey Castle

LT1 Tournament Greens Turf was selected by the team given the task of restoring the Abercromby designed golf course at Bovey Castle when the estate, including a hotel, was taken over by famous entrepreneur and developer Peter De Savary.

Originally built in the 1920’s, the golf course, like the hotel, had seen no investment for years and had fallen into a sad state of disrepair. The designers wanted the updated course to retain as many original features as possible, whilst adapting it where necessary to maximize playablility.

David Stansfield of David Stansfield Ltd. was brought in as an independent agronomist, to decide how to implement the changes. Being in a river valley meant that special problems had to be dealt with, and part of the brief was to build new greens that behaved in a similar way to the retained ones.

Having successfully used Lindum’s LT1 Tournament Greens Turf in the past, David recommended it as a Lindum washed turf to match the old greens, and also specified 10 hectares of LT4 Smooth Stalked Tees for the fairways and surrounds. The major challenge then became the amount of turf required – over 100,000 sq metres in total. Plus the fact that due to a late start date all of it had to be laid during a very wet winter, to an incredibly tight schedule, in order for the course to be ready the following summer.

Tom Mackenzie, the golf course architect from Donald Steel and Company said: “Do not rebuild a golf course on the top of Dartmoor in winter! Thank goodness for Lindum – all the turf was very good quality – probably the best turf we have ever seen.”