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Case Studies

Laban Dance Centre

Laban Dance CentreLindum Grassfelt, a living grass grown on a biodegradable felt base, was used to dramatic effect on the angular sculptured landscape surrounding the Laban Dance Centre in Deptford London, winner of the Stirling Award for architecture.

Faced with the ultra modern building of concrete and glass, landscape architect Stephen Schraemmli from Zurich based Vogt, designed an exterior of grass covered mini pyramids and steep escarpments, which could have been difficult to realise.

“Once we’d carved the structures which are up to 3.8 metres high, with each face at a different angle, stabilising and turfing could have posed a problem” remembers Chris Baylis of Gravesend based Baylis Landscapes, “Lindum Grassfelt’s toughness and flexibility seemed ideal for Laban’s grass structures.”

Having experimented with a sample, the company ordered 2,000 square metres of Lindum Grassfelt along with 1,200 square metres of washed turf and 1,200 square metres of LT3 Ryegreen, (Lindum’s fine ryegrass mixture) which was laid on the flatter areas.

Neil Sweeting, on site construction manager for Baylis recalled the turfing operation adopted to cloth Schraemmli’s three D design.

“In the end we used wooden batons 35 to 38mm wide along the ridges and nailed the Lindum Grassfelt to the wood. Then we literally hung the turf like wallpaper from the batons. It’s so strong,” he observed. “Any other turf would have broken up or needed pegging all the way down the slope. Three weeks after laying, we took a piece up and discovered that the roots were three inches long and had already grown through the felt into the subsoil.”