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Case Studies

Long Sutton and Cardiff Golf Clubs

Two Golf Courses, 80 miles apart, have thriving washed turf on their new golf greens despite experiencing drastically different weather conditions during the growing-in period.

Long Sutton Golf Club in Somerset started building a new green in October and was laying the 450 sq. metres of Lindum LT1 washed turf by the end of the month.

Peter Tulk, Head Greenkeeper said: “The roots knitted down within two days and after five weeks you couldn’t have pulled it up. We mowed within three weeks to 10mm, cut and rolled twice a week for the next three weeks and then the weather changed. The weather was awful. It was February before we fed it.”

Dan Harden, Course Manager at Cardiff Golf Club would agree. “Having laid Lindum washed turf, on a new green during the mild weather one December, he experienced rapid root development and was cutting it in the first week of January, he recalls.

2009 was different. “We laid a new green with washed turf on 6th December and the ground was frozen 70% to 75% of the time until just after Christmas,” he remembers. “In January, once the ground had thawed out the washed turf rooted in two weeks. It had lain dormant for almost a month! I must admit it was a bit nerve racking and the grass lost a little bit of colour but once the ground temperature rose the roots went down three or four inches.”

Dan originally used washed turf to avoid root break. “With conventional turf the roots go down until you start cutting and reducing the height of the grass,” he explains. “They don’t want to go further down and you get root break. With washed turf there’s no soil so the roots want to go straight down into the new root zone.”