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Biodiversity and Sustainability

Biodiversity‘Out of the Blue’ is a roof garden which has been designed to bring greenery into an urban space which would otherwise be barren. Green roofs are proven to reduce air pollution, reduce the urban heat island effect and the whole garden has been designed with biodiversity and sustainability in mind.

The plant mixtures create a diverse habitat for pollinating insects, such as common butterflies, moths, hoverflies and bees, which have been declining over the last 50 years.

The Lindum Low Maintenance Grass and the Lindum Wildflower and Herb Mats are grown in biodegradable felt made from recycled British textiles. Growing substrates are made from recycled soils and green waste compost and do not include peat.

During production, pesticide and fertiliser inputs are kept to a minimum. Where possible, efficient foliar nutrition systems are employed reducing wastage. Irrigation is used to maintain healthy growth in dry periods and water is drawn from boreholes in the sandstone aquifer below. Its use is carefully regulated by controlled time spray irrigation systems.