Green Roofs

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Green roofs are created when living plants are grown on a roof structure.

A common feature in Europe, there is an increasing number of green roofs in the United Kingdom.

More information is below, and you can visit our Lindum Green Roofs website for further details.

New construction techniques have created endless opportunities for many different types of green roofs. In particular, technology for the creation of ‘extensive’ green roofs has been developed, where the plants chosen require minimal maintenance are drought-tolerant and will flourish in lightweight substrate at relatively shallow depths.

Benefits of Green Roofs

Green roofs address many of the key issues associated with climate change: extremes of weather resulting in unpredictable periods of excess rainfall, drought, heat and cold stress.


  • Promote biodiversity and create a natural habitat, encouraging a wide range of insects, birds and butterflies, particularly in areas where the habitat has been ‘lost’.
  • Absorb rainfall that would normally run straight off hard surfaces and are therefore important to help with storm water attenuation and reducing urban flooding.
  • Help combat the effects of pollution – the green plants absorb noise, trap dust, recycle carbon dioxide, absorb and break down many gaseous pollutants.
  • Reduce the ‘urban heat island effect’ and the energy costs associated with keeping buildings cool in hot weather.

Lindum Green Roof Mats

Supplied ready-to-roll-out as an instant vegetation layer, with the plants established and growing in a strong felt made from recycled British textiles. The Lindum Wildflower Mat and SedumPlus Mat are lightweight, easy to install and low maintenance, available in 2 roll sizes to suit requirements and suitable for use with lightweight green roof substrates.

Lindum can offer a complete green roof package, including lightweight substrate, drainage layer and green roof edge profile. We can also make recommendations for the waterproof membranes, irrigation, stabilisation and pebbles for the borders.

Lindum SedumPlus Mat

SedumPlus is a UK pre-grown vegetation mat specifically designed for green roofs. It is sown with an exceptional blend of sixteen stunning varieties of sedum plants to provide extended interest and colour throughout the flowering period.

Produced at our nursery in the Vale of York, SedumPlus has many advantages over European produced sedum. Rapid delivery of fresh product from our field to your roof means less stress on your plants resulting in better establishment.

Features: Sown with an attractive mix of sixteen varieties of sedum with differing colours and leaf forms, low maintenance and extreme drought tolerance. Growing in a strong felt mat a made from recycled British textiles, SedumPlus mats are supplied as a pre-grown instant vegetation layer.

Benefits and uses: Ideal for lightweight green roofs as sedums are drought tolerant and need only a shallow substrate layer. Also suited to situations that need low growing plants and for low maintenance green roofs.

Freshly harvested form our nursery in Yorkshire, they are rapidly transported to your roof meaning the plants arrive in good condition and establish better.

Mixture: The sixteen varieties of sedum offer a huge variety of colour and interest, as well as enhancing biodiversity. They also extended interest and colour throughout the flowering season. Colours range from greens through to vibrant reds, oranges, purples and browns. As well as offering a huge variety of colour, the different plants offer many different leaf types and flowers, resulting in a blend of beautiful textures.

Maintenance: Light hand weeding twice a year to keep out wind-blown seeds.

Download our Lindum SedumPlus Mat Technical Sheet here

Lindum Wildflower Mat

Features: An attractive mixture of wildflowers, herbs and flowering perennials to produce a biodiverse and colourful alternative to traditional sedum, with a prolonged flowering period, from April to September. Flowering height 30-80cm.

Benefits and uses: As an alternative to pure sedum it combines the drought tolerant aspects with colour and ecological benefits of wildflowers and other species, attracting a wider range of birds, bees, butterflies and invertebrates.

Mixture: The mixture is designed to have a range of plants that flower April – September, which have a visual appeal and provide an excellent habitat for wildlife.

As well as a range of wildflowers including Lady’s Bedstraw, Cats Ear and Yellow Chamomile, herbs such as Wild Marjoram and Thyme, and pink flowering perennials such as Dianthus are part of the colourful mix.

Maintenance: 1-2 cuts per year at the end of the flowering period, removing all cuttings from the roof. Through dry/warm periods of time the roof will need a help in hand so it must be watered manually by a watering system.

Download our Lindum Wildflower Mat Technical Sheet here

Why choose Lindum Green Roof Mats?

  • Sustainably grown in the UK – products designed specifically for the UK climate
  • Choice of sedum and wildflower mixtures – chosen to thrive in green roof situations and attract pollinators.
  • Biodiversity – the variety of plant species provides an important habitat for bees, butterflies and insects.
  • Visual impact – mats contain a range of plants chosen for and extended flowering season and to create a visually pleasing effect.
  • Drought tolerant – the plants are chosen to withstand periods of drought. After establishment there should be no need for irrigation except in prolonged drought or where aesthetic value in dry periods is important.
  • Lightweight – mats are lightweight and designed to grow in minimal substrate depth.
  • Easy to install – simply roll out like a carpet.
  • Low Maintenance – Lindum’s green roof products only require one to two cuts per year in autumn and spring (if too much growth).