Lindum Grassfelt

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Lindum Grassfelt, is a mature soil-less grass growing in felt especially designed to retain moisture and give great strength and flexibility.


  • Extremely pliable, creating a ‘living carpet’ ideal for covering mounds, steep slopes and embankments and to create unusual grass features
  • The biodegradable felt medium, made from recycled British textiles, acts as a weed barrier and retains moisture to aid establishment although it will still need watering daily until established
  • Rooting from the growing turf is rapid – useful for areas prone to soil erosion
  • Large quantities of Lindum Grassfelt can be grown to order


  • Slopes, shapes and erosion control – unusual landscape architecture, living grass sculptures and design features, erosion control, steep embankments and green roofs.

Felt spec: 450g per m2 with or without internal polypropylene scrim

Weight: 20-25KG per square metre

Turf spec:
Lindum Grassfelt can be grown using various mixtures

  • Hard wearing/fine lawn/drought tolerant
  • Wildflower mixtures
  • Low maintenance

Roll specification:

  • Supplied in widths up to four metres in length, variable dependant on site requirements and handling ability.

Download our Grassfelt Technical Sheet here