Lindum Washed Turf

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Lindum established the concept of washed turf more than 15 years ago. Using a patented process, the strong harvested turf is washed to remove all the soil particles from the root mat.

It is ideal for free draining sports rootzones, where any contamination with foreign soil particles will adversely affect the drainage.


  • Speed of establishment and rooting
  • Avoids contamination of specialist sand rootzones
  • Reduces devoting due to additional strength gained from deeper rooting
  • Increased biomass of roots
  • Superior drainage properties
  • Light and easy to use


  • Golf – new greens surfaces constructed with a high specifications sand profile or fibre reinforced rootzone
  • Sports pitches and racecourses – for new sports surfaces constructed with a high specification sand profile or fibre reinforced rootzone

Washed turf is also available in standard or large rolls and can be used in conjunction with reinforced rootzone systems. Using Washed Turf over a fibre reinforced rootzone system avoids any contamination of the free-draining sand based profile with soil particles.

Establishment: 3-5 weeks dependant on temperature

Download our Washed turf installation Technical Sheet here