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Lindum Wildflower Turf

Wildflower TurfLindum Wildflower Turf is a balanced mixture of wildflowers and perennials growing in a moisture retentive biodegradable felt, to provide an instant wildflower meadow.



Growing mat Spec:

450g per m² biodegradable Grassfelt

Vegetation Spec:

LW6 Wildflower Mix

50:50 wildflower and perennial mix with 20 species of wildflower including: Cats Ear, Salad Burnet, Meadow Buttercup, Yellow Rattle, Ribwort Plantain, Lady’s Bedstraw, Yarrow, Cowslip, Self Heal and Red Campion

Roll Width:

0.75-2.0 metres

Roll Length:

Variable dependant on site measurements and handling ability


Approx 15kg per m² when moist

Approx 22kg per m² when saturated

Fixing Options:

150mm biodegradable plastic biopegs

For Slopes:

Frequency 1-3 per m² dependant on slope gradient