LT2 – Low Maintenance Fine Turf

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Lindum has developed LT2, a low maintenance fine turf, requiring less irrigation, fewer fertiliser inputs and a greatly reduced mowing regime, so grass can still be used as an environmentally sustainable option.


  • Fine appearance
  • Slow growth habit
  • Drought tolerant
  • Salty tolerant
  • Reduced irrigation, fertiliser and fungicide inputs
  • Reduced mowing requirements
  • Once established, will mow down to 5mm or can be left to grow to natural height of 200mm

Landscaping for contractors and specifiers

  • Areas where reduced mowing and maintenance is required
  • Exposed drought prone areas
  • Difficult banks
  • Highway verges
  • Coastal locations

Golf Courses

  • Intensive – Greens and greens surrounds as a fescue green replacement
  • Extensive – Fairways, bunker surrounds and semi-rough; exposed drought prone areas; difficult banks where mowing is a problem; low fertility areas
  • Links courses – areas where salt tolerance is required

Green Roofs

  • Extensive green roofs requiring a turf grass finish with low maintenance. It is for true low maintenance roofs which can be left to grow long needing only one cut per year. It is not suitable to create a lawn on a roof.

Sown mixture:

  • 30% Barkoel Crested Hairgrass
  • 25% Hardtop Fescue
  • 25% Barpearl Slender Creeping Red Fescue
  • 20% Bargreen Chewing Fescue

Roll Size:

  • Standard rolls: 1 square metre
  • Large rolls: 0.73m or 1.05m x 28m
  • Final thickness: 15-20mm

Weight: 15-20KG per square metre depending on saturation

Establishment time: 7-8 weeks

Also available:

LT2 Low Maintenance Grassfelt

  • Grassfelt is a mature soil-less turf grown into a felt made from recycled British textiles, especially designed to give great strength and flexibility. LT2 Low Maintenance Grassfelt is ideal for true low maintenance situations such as steep banks and sculptured mounds.

Specification Guidance Notes:

  • Turf to comply with the TGA (Turf Grass Growers Association) Standard and BS3969
  • The turf soil should be of sandy loam nature with no stones.
  • The grass will be dense, of uniform green colour, free from broadleaved weeds and not visibly affected by pest of disease.

Download our LT2 Low Input Fine Turf Technical Sheet here

Download our LT2 Low Maintenance turf Technical Sheet here