RHS Chelsea Flower Show : The road to a 4 STAR trade stand

RHS Chelsea Flower Show : The road to a 4 STAR trade stand

May was full of excitement for us here at Lindum HQ. Not only did we have a record number of clients at RHS Chelsea Flower Show as we do every year, we had our first Lindum Wildflower turf trade stand to build up too.

7-8 months ago it was just a thought and then it soon became a reality. Lots of ideas were thrown around and we put together a few plans in house of what we would like the stand to look like and soon realised it would be our biggest and best stand to date. RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a platform like no other. You guys that know us well know that we don’t ever do anything by half so this stand was always going to be something spectacular for us and for the visitors.

Roger Moore our Contracts Manager and the rest of our team made their way down to Chelsea to welcome the stand materials onto site and get stuck into the build-up phase. From little drawings our trade stand started to come to life. Although it took us longer than expected (finishing at 9.30pm the day before the show started), it looked great and we are all really proud with how it turned out. Lots of very tired heads left the showground that day but at least we were satisfied in knowing that the stand was complete and nothing else could be done.

One last sleep before show week flew by. Press Day arrived the rest is somewhat a blur.

The interest we received in Lindum Wildflower turf & Lindum Sedum Mat was something we never really expected. The amount of people that popped onto our stand to enquire about our products was outstanding and the many passers-by that congratulated us on our beautiful stand really did mean so much to us.


Our favourite visitors to the stand were by far the bees. This year we started our Save the Bees campaign and Chelsea was our main target to spread the word. We wanted to reiterate how important bees are to our everyday life and how Lindum Wildflower turf can create a haven for all types of bees and the impact you can create in a small space! Boy did the wildflowers deliver! We couldn’t have asked for more. I don’t think one person spoke to us without noticing that the Lindum Wildflower turf was absolutely alive with buzzing bee activity. From the moment the Wildflowers left the wagon they were put to work feeding the fuzzy little guys and it was a total privilege to have them with us. We grew very fond of them and it was a shame to leave them behind at the end of the week. Numerous people asked if we had brought the bees with us as they couldn’t believe how many there was in one space. Some convinced that we had a hive behind our stand. This certainly wasn’t the case, they were definitely not Yorkshire bees but they certainly did know amazing Yorkshire Wildflowers when they saw them! They couldn’t get enough!


All trade stands get awarded either a letter or 3-5 star awards. On Tuesday morning we were handed our award. We were speechless at receiving 4 very shiny stars. The feedback from the assessors was brilliant and made all the sleepless nights worthwhile.


We would like to say a thank you to all of our lovely neighbours for inviting us into their Chelsea family. The biggest of thank yous goes to Ian and Michelle of Ian Gill Sculptures for the loan of the beautiful bird feeder and lily bird bath. They really did add another dimension to our products and showed them off beautifully.


The show week was totally out of this world and we couldn’t have asked for anything better, the sun was shining, the bees were buzzing and the general atmosphere as always was truly fantastic.

Watch a short video of our highlights here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ4Fx8KajG0

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