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Environment and sustainability

Sustainability and Environment

Protecting the environment and ensuring we use products that are sustainable and beneficial to wildlife is core to everything we do and produce at Lindum.

Turf has a vital role to play in tackling the major issue of climate change and at Lindum we have developed a range of turf grades with exciting new species and cultivars to help tackle some of results of climate change.

Turf requirements increasingly reflect the changing climate, with a need for tolerance of extreme conditions such as drought, shade and water logging. There is also a requirement to reduce costs of management with reduced mowing and a reduction in other inputs, as well as a need to decrease pesticide usage by using varieties which are disease resistant.

Lindum’s range of turf grades include:

Advancing technology in the breeding and management of modern turf grasses can significantly improve sustainability in areas such as:

Lindum is a member of LEAF – Linking Environment and Farming – requiring certain principles to be followed, bringing benefits to wildlife, reducing the risk of pollution and demonstrating production of safe, high quality, environment-friendly products.

There are numerous hedges, copses and areas of woodland on the farm that support a large and varied population of wildlife, and margins around our fields are left un-mown to encourage insect and bird life.

The felt used in Lindum Grassfelt and our Green Roof Mats is made from recycled British textiles.

Lindum strives to reach maximum fuel efficiency when making deliveries by using carefully selected hauliers whose vehicles meet the latest low emission standards.

The company has an excellent reputation for customer service and provides quality technical support helping customers to find the right product for the right situation.

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