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Racecourses and Equestrian

Ascot Parade RingOnly the highest quality, hard-wearing grass should be used on racecourses and in other equestrian events, where grass is subjected to enormous wear and tear by horses’ hooves.

Lindum has supplied turf for major racecourses including York Racecourse, Royal Ascot and for the Bramham horse trials. We have developed a revolutionary turf designed specifically for high performance, high impact situations such as racecourses.

The key innovative product used for racecourses and equestrian events is LT6 Sporturf – a turf with ryegrass as the main constituent, valuable for wear and tear and recovery in a difficult winter.

LT6 is also available as a washed turf – a mature turf beneficial for new racecourse surfaces constructed with a high specifications sand profile or fibre reinforced rootzone.

It can be grown as fibre reinforced Lindum Lokturf. Grown into an imported Loksand crimped reinforced rootzone, this improves wear tolerance, provides rapid drainage, reduces divoting, and can bear heavy loads.

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“The turf looked excellent and we have been delighted with the quality”

William Derby, Clerk of York Racecourse