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Slopes, shapes and erosion control

Huddersfield SculptureNew and exciting technology opens up huge potential for daring and different designs in green spaces, taking grass beyond the traditional lawn.

Pioneered and patented by Lindum, Grassfelt is a mature, soil-less grass growing in biodegradable felt, which acts as a weed barrier and retains moisture, as well as giving great strength and flexibility.

The “living carpet” that Grassfelt creates is ideal for covering mounds and steep slopes, and it can be sculpted to create interesting grass features as it will follow unusual contours. It can also prevent soil erosion by stabilising steep slopes and embankments.

The key benefits of Lindum Grassfelt are that it is:

Lindum Grassfelt has a number of uses including in unusual landscape architecture, for living grass sculptures and design features, in erosion control, on steep embankments, on green roofs and in show gardens.

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“Lindum Grassfelt is very suitable for a show garden. Like a piece of carpet it is quick and easy to install, providing an instant lawn without any joins.”

Andy Sturgeon, Garden Designer and Gold Medal winner at Chelsea