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Sports pitches

Why the right turf matters

RUgby pitchWhatever the sport, to get truly great performance, only the best, most hard-wearing grass should be used.

Sporting activity subjects grass to huge wear and tear. Shoes, boots, spikes and hooves all impact on the grass, often cutting into the surface to cause lasting damage.

Lindum has supplied high quality turf for cricket, football and rugby pitches throughout the UK, from the Brit Oval and the JJB football stadium in Wigan, to Murrayfield and Headingley.

We have developed a number of revolutionary turfs specifically for high performance, high impact situations such as sports pitches. LT6 Sporturf is the specialist turf used on sports pitches. It is designed to withstand the wear and tear inflicted on Premier League football pitches, rugby stadiums, training grounds, racecourses and school pitches. It is a turf with ryegrass as the main constituent, yet with a strong presence of smooth stalked meadow grass, along with Slender Creeping Red Fescue to provide strength.

LT6 is also available as a washed turf – a mature turf beneficial for new sports surfaces constructed with a high specification sand profile or fibre reinforced rootzone.

LT6 can be grown in Fibre Reinforced Lindum Lokturf. Grown into an imported Loksand crimped reinforced rootzone, this improves wear tolerance, provides rapid drainage, reduces divoting, and can bear heavy loads.

LT6 can also be provided as a Thick Rootzone Turf, where it is grown in an imported sand/soil rootzone, which is compatible with existing rootzones and can be used instantly.

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“Our training grounds have gone from bog standard to Premier league”

Jason Griffin, Head Groundsman, Chelsea Football Club