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Turf for highwear landscaping situations

The wear and tear of heavy foot traffic is very demanding on grass, and it is essential to have the correct mix of species and cultivars that recover quickly and grow fast.

The LT6 Sporturf mix has been developed for the heavy wear on sports pitches, but is also ideal for the tough landscaping situation containing the combination of a high percentage of hard wearing ryegrasses, a strong base of smooth stalked meadowgrass and creeping red fescues.

LT6 is sown as a mixture of 60% Dwarf perennial ryegrass, 25% Smooth stalked meadowgrass and 15% Creeping red fescue and is available as a standard turf in small or big rolls.

Lindum’s innovative Lindum Lokturf is designed specifically for high performance, high impact situations.

Lindum Lokturf is a reinforced mature turf for instant use, 40mm thick, grown by seeding the LT6 mixture into Loksand, a polypropylene fibre reinforced rootzone. Using specialist machinery, Lokturf is harvested in big rolls 1.1m wide to an even and consistent depth.


The benefits of using Lindum Lokturf are:

Lindum Lokturf has a variety of uses, including on sports pitches, grass car parks, public walkways, car standings by the side of a house or office, fire access roads and in equestrian activities.

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“We liked the fact that Lindum Lokturf is instantly usable”

Erika Diaz Petersen, Hilary Taylor Landscape Associates