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A beautiful and easy to maintain wildflower meadow can be created in an instant using Lindum Wildflower, a balanced mixture of wildflowers and grasses growing in a moisture retentive biodegradable felt, which can be rolled out like a carpet.

Felt medium the plants are already growing in, combined with the large roll sizes, acts as a grass/weed barrier retaining moisture and helping the wildflowers establish quickly into the soil below. Pre-established, it also out-competes more aggressive grasses such as perennial ryegrass which can be a problem when seeding a wildflower meadow.

The strong, instant carpet will rapidly establish and is easy to lay. It can be rolled out on flat surfaces, or pegged to steep slopes for bank stabilisation.

Lindum wildflower turf is a mix of meadow grasses and wildflowers planted at the correct density for optimum establishment. The 50% wildflower and 50% grass seed mix has been designed to give a high proportion of flowers as opposed to grasses. Twenty species of wildflower are used in Lindum Wildflower.

As well as looking beautiful, creating areas of the landscape which are rich in wildflowers can help increase local biodiversity or the variety of wildlife, in particular bumblebees, butterflies and other insects, as well as birds and small mammals.

Lindum has developed a wildflower mixture specifically for Green Roof.

Lindum Wildflower is also useful for Golf, where it is ideal for encouraging wildlife on the golf course.

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