Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the team!

We have welcomed 3 new team members here at Lindum this year.

First to join us was Amelia who joined us in January. Amelia has settled in well and is a great asset to the team. Working very closely with Laura on the sales and marketing side of the business, Amelia is front line on the phone taking first enquiries and dealing with collections, quotations and logistics. Customer service is very important to us and Amelia gives 100% to make sure orders run smoothly from start to finish.

Building knowledge of our wide range of landscaping and green roof products is something that Amelia has been able to take head on.

Amelia can deal confidently with enquiries for general landscaping turf, ornamental gardens, golf applications, wildflowers and green roofs.

Caroline joined Lindum in July. Her main rolls is to assist the loading of customers and hauliers on a daily basis. Our harvest and forklift team are very busy throughout the day making sure our local customers are loaded on time and away to their jobs as quickly as possible.

Caroline is involved with making sure the correct consignments get put on the correct wagons and making sure the daily loading system runs as smoothly as it possibly can. Caroline’s enthusiastic personality is great to have on the team.

Andy is an addition to the production team. He joined us in August and is doing a fantastic job of looking after the Lindum Wildflower, SedumPlus Mats and Lindum Grassfelt. We welcome his knowledge of plant raising and his attention to detail is second to none.

Green roofs and wildflowers are becoming ever more popular in the UK, with the increase of stocks we are very lucky to have Andy to help keep our products in the best possible condition and oversea the orders when they are harvested for our customers.

Andy works closely with the office to ensure that the customers’ expectations and needs are met without compromise.