Why choose Lindum Sedum Mat?

Why choose Lindum Sedum Mat?

Lindum Sedum Mat is a pre-grown vegetation mat specifically designed for green roofs. It is grown into a strong coconut fibre mat. It is sown with an exceptional blend of ten to twelve stunning sedum plants. They provide extended interest and colour throughout the flowering period.
Lightweight and easy to install, they are available in roll sizes that are easy to handle. Rapid delivery of fresh product from our field to your roof means less stress on the plants. The plants boast at least 80-95% coverage upon delivery.

Features: Sown with an attractive ten to twelve varieties of sedum. Differing colours and leaf forms. Low maintenance and extreme draught tolerance. Growing in a strong coconut mat, sedum mats are supplied as a pre-grown instant vegetation layer.
Benefits and uses: Ideal for lightweight green roofs as sedums are drought tolerant and need only a shallow substrate layer. Also suited to situations that need low growing plants and for low maintenance green roofs.
Mixture: The ten to twelve species offer a huge variety of colour and interest, as well as enhancing biodiversity. They also extend interest and colour throughout the flowering season. Colours range from greens through to vibrant reds, oranges, pinks, purples and browns. As well as offering a huge variety of colour, the different plants offer many different leaf types and flowers, resulting in a blend of beautiful textures.


What is a Lindum Green Roof Package?
We like to make our customers job as easy as possible. We can supply the full 3 stage build up which consists of everything above the waterproofing.
1. Vegetation Mat (Lindum Sedum Mat or Lindum Wildflower Mat)
2. Lindum Lightweight Green Roof Substrate
3. Lindum Drainage Layer

PLUS optional Aluminium Green Roof Edging


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