Why choose Lindum Wildflower turf?

Why choose Lindum Wildflower turf?

Wildflowers are notoriously difficult to establish when grown from seed, or even as small plug plants, in an existing lawn, meadow or green roof. They are often out-competed by aggressive grasses. Lindum Wildflower turf provides the instant solution.

Lindum Wildflower turf is a mixture of wildflowers and flowering perennials growing in a strong moisture retentive felt. It s supplied ready to roll out. The felt medium that the plants are grown in, combined with the large roll helps the wildflowers establish into the soil below.

The strong, pre-grown wildflower meadow will rapidly establish and is easy to lay. It can be rolled out on flat surfaces, or pegged to steep slopes for bank stabilisation.

The wildflower mixture

Lindum Wildflower turf contains a vibrant mixture of wildflowers, herbs and perennials designed to flourish in dry conditions and produce a biodiverse and colourful visual spectacle. The mix contains a range of wildflowers and herbs including Oxeye Daisy, Lady’s Bedstraw, Cats Ear, Yellow Chamomile, Wild Majoram, Thyme and Chives. In addition pink flowering dianthus is included to provide a vivid splash of colour. The result is a vibrant and dynamic display.

The flower seeds mix is carefully chosen to produce a wildflower meadow that will flower over a prolonged period, usually from early spring through to autumn to create visual interest. There are twenty carefully chosen flowering species sown in Lindum Wildflower turf. The plants in flower will vary through the flowering season and may vary from year to year as the mixture adapts to the soil type, rainfall and temperature.

Wildflowers and other flowering perennials provide a food source for birds and favourable habitat for butterflies and other insects.

Please note that the type of soil the meadow is being established in will determine the type of wildflowers that grow best. Special mixtures, to suit individual soil types, can be grown to order for large scale projects.


Lindum Wildflower turf creates a diverse habitat and rich nectar source for pollinating insects, including butterflies, moths, hoverflies, honey bees and bumblebees. Including a variety of different wildflowers plus late flowering perennials in the mix makes it more attractive to a wider range of pollinators. By using Lindum Wildflower turf you can increase local biodiversity and contribute towards supporting the survival if these incredibly important species.

Wildflower areas are not only beautiful but a source of interest, inspiration and pleasure.

Benefits of Lindum Wildflower turf

  • Establishes a wildflower meadow instantly.
  • Established plants are growing in a felt base, which acts as a barrier to suppress weeds.
  • The plants in the mix are chosen for their visual attractiveness, drought tolerance and wildlife benefit.
  • Low maintenance requirement – usually only one cut per year. It can be two depending on soil type or weather conditions.
  • Attracts butterflies, insects and other invertebrates, birds and mammals.
  • A prolonged flowering period providing a source of interest, inspiration and pleasure throughout the year

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