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What is Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Meadow - What is Wildflower TurfLindum Wildflower Turf is a balanced mixture of wildflowers,  herbs and flowering perennial plants growing in a moisture retentive felt, that can simply be rolled out like a carpet.

The felt, which the wildflower mixtures are pre-grown in, combined with the large roll sizes, acts as a grass/weed barrier which retains moisture and helps the wildflowers to establish quickly into the soil below and resulting in an easy to establish and beautiful wildflower meadow.

Wildflower Turf

Lindum Wildflower Turf is available in two mixtures Lindum Wildflower Turf and Lindum Wildflower and Perennial Turf. Each comprises different wildflowers,  herbs and flowering perennials planted at the correct density for optimum establishment and to give a high proportion of flowers and therefore interest, colour and biodiversity.

Lindum Wildflower Turf  is a mixture of  wildflowers and flowering perennials ideal for creating an authentic wildflower meadow. The 20 wildflower species have been carefully chosen to flower over a prolonged period, from early spring into autumn.  Lindum Wildflower and Perennial Turf is a mixture of wildflowers, herbs and perennials designed to provide a colourful and biodiverse alternative for drier conditions.

With both mixtures the plants in flower will vary through the flowering season and may vary from year to year as the mixture adapts to the soil type, rainfall and temperature.

Wildflower Meadow - What is Wildflower TurfLindum has also developed a range of Wildflower Mats for Green Roofs including plants specifically chosen for the conditions created on a green roof.

Please note that the type of soil the meadow is being established in will determine the type of wildflowers that will flourish. Special mixtures, to suit individual soil types, can be grown to order for large scale projects.

Easy to lay, Lindum Wildflower Turf can be rolled out on flat surfaces, or pegged to steep slopes for bank stabilisation.

*made from recycled British Textiles using patented Grassfelt technology