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Product Properties Uses
LT1 – Tournament Greens Very fine bent/fescue mix with dense sward that will tolerate close mowing. Golf – for top quality greens.Bowling Greens.
LT2 – Low Maintenance Fine Turf  Low maintenance turf for reduced mowing and drought tolerance Golf – for greens and greens surrounds as a fescue green replacement.Turf for Contractors and Specifiers – for difficult banks, low maintenance verges, salty or coastal areas
LT4 – Smooth Stalked Tees A high quality mixture of smooth stalked meadow grass and fescues combining fine appearance with hard wear and recovery. Golf – for tees and fairways.
LT5 – Rye Tees A hard wearing mix combining the repair and recovery of wear tolerant ryegrasses with a dense smooth stalked meadow grass/fescue base. Golf – for hard wearing tees and fairways.
LT6 – Sporturf Designed to withstand the wear and tear on sports pitches and racecourses, and for intensively used landscape areas. Sports pitchesRacecourses and equestrianTurf for Contractors and Specifiers
Thick Rootzone Turf LT6 Sporturf mixture custom grown in an imported sand/soil rootzone. Sports pitches. Grown to order for replacement of whole pitches.
LT7 – Festival landscape turf Outstanding appearance and hardwearing with good recovery Easy to maintain. Lawns and Landscaping. Turf forContractors and Specifiers  - general landscaping.
LT9 – RTF A unique turf containing rhizomatous tall fescue for rapid repair. Drought resistant. Deep rooting for soil stabilisation. Golf – for walkways and bunker surrounds.Lawns and Landscaping. Turf for Contractors and Specifiers. Lawns and areas subject to water restrictions. Soil stabilisation
Lindum Grassfelt Mature, soil-less turf growing in biodegradable felt – for strength and flexibility. Innovative grass technology for Slopes, Shapes and Erosion Control
Lindum Lokturf Very hardwearing, fibre reinforced turf, harvested 40mm thick for instant use. High Wear Landscape Situations - grass car parking, fire access roads, public squares, walkways.Equestrian activities: jump take offs and landings.Sports pitches - full pitch replacements or replacement of high wear areas e.g. goal mouths mid season. Golf - Walkways and high traffic areas around golf courses.
Lindum Wildflower Turf A mixture of native wildflowers and grasses growing in a moisture retentive biodegradable felt. Includes 20 species of wildflower. Helps encourage wildlife. Creates an instant wildflower meadow for areas of biodiversity. Ideal for enhancing biodiversity on the golf course.
Lindum Washed Turf Mature turf washed using highly specialised machinery to remove all soil particles prior to laying on a free draining sand rootzone Golf – new greens surfaces with a high specification sand profileSports pitches and Racecourses –new sports surfaces constructed with a high specification sand profile or fibre reinforced rootzone
Lindum Green Roof Vegetation Mats Supplied ready to roll out as an instant green roof vegetation layer.  Plants ready established  and growing in a lightweight biodegradable felt mat. Green Roofs – a range of biodiverse, colourful and drought tolerant vegetation mats

Standard Size rolls – 600mm (24”) wide, 1625mm (64”) long,

Or Large rolls – 720mm (29”) or 1050mm (42”) wide, up to 20m long

Lindum Turf can also be supplied as Washed Turf, for quicker establishment and rooting.