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Product Properties Uses
LT1 – Tournament Greens A dense Bent/Fescue sward with a very high purity and low thatch content.
  • Golf Greens
  • Bowling Greens – ideal for top high Bent greens
LT2 – Low Maintenance Fine Turf Lindum has developed LT2, a low maintenance fine turf, requiring less irrigation, fewer fertiliser inputs and a greatly reduced mowing regime, so grass can still be used as an environmentally sustainable option.
  • Landscaping for contractors and specifiers
  • Golf Courses
LT4 – Smooth Stalked Tees A high quality mixture of smooth talked meadow grass and fescues combining fine appearance with hard wear and recovery, suitable for golf tees and surrounds.
  • Golf – for tees and fairways.
LT5 – Rye Tees A hard wearing mix combining the repair and recovery of wear tolerant ryegrasses with a dense smooth stalked meadow grass/fescue base.
  • Golf courses – Hard wearing tees
LT6 – Sports LT6 Sports turf is designed to withstand the wear and tear inflicted on sports pitches, from rugby stadiums, football pitches and training grounds, to racecourses and school pitches.
  • Sports pitches
  • Racecourses and equestrian
  • Turf for high wear landscaping
LT7 – Festival Landscape Turf Our bestselling lawn turf. LT7 Festival turf is a mixture of ryegrass, fescue, and smooth stalked meadow grass. It is hardwearing and great for those general areas that only need an average amount of maintenance.
  • Lawns and general landscaping
  • Turf for contractors and specifiers
LT8 Festival PLUS With a dense sward & deep emerald colour this extremely hardwearing turf is great for high wear lawns, parks and pathways.
  • High Wear lawns and parks
  • Pathways
Thick Rootzone Turf LT6 is grown in an imported sand/soil Rootzone, harvested up to 40mm thickness and installed using specialist machinery.
  • Sports pitches
  • Racecourses and equestrian
Lindum Grassfelt Lindum Grassfelt, is a mature soil-less grass growing in felt especially designed to retain moisture and give great strength and flexibility.
  • Slopes, shapes and erosion control
Lindum Lokturf Lindum Lokturf is designed specifically for high performance, high impact situations, such as sports pitches, car parks and visitor attractions.
  • Sports pitches
  • Equestrian
  • High wear situations
  • High traffic areas around golf courses
Lindum Washed Turf Lindum established the concept of washed turf more than 15 years ago. Using a patented process, the strong harvested turf is washed to remove all the soil particles from the root mat.
  • Golf
  • Sports pitches
  • Racecourses
Lindum Wildflower turf Lindum wildflower turf is a balanced mixture of wildflowers, herbs and flowering perennials growing in a moisture retentive biodegradable felt, to provide an instant wildflower area.
  • General landscaping
  • Specialist landscaping
  • Green roofs
  • Golf courses