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Case Studies

Here’s a selection of case studies demonstrating how our range of turf can be used.


Lindum are one the UK’s leading providers of specialist turf for golf courses and have earned a reputation for consistently high quality turf and innovation in grass technology.

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Highwear Situations

The wear and tear of heavy foot traffic is very demanding on grass, and it is essential to have the correct mix of species and cultivars that recover quickly and grow fast.

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Landscaping situations require consistently excellent quality turf that is free from weeds, pests and diseases and does not fall apart when laid.

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Only the highest quality, hard-wearing grass should be used on racecourses and in other equestrian events, where grass is subjected to enormous wear and tear by horses’ hooves.

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Slopes and Shapes

New and exciting technology opens up huge potential for daring and different designs in green spaces, taking grass beyond the traditional lawn.

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Whatever the sport, to get truly great performance, only the best, most hard-wearing grass should be used.

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